Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 92 - Removing the cowl mold

The next day, after work, I checked up on the progress of the dome mold.  It had hardened nicely, so I took it outside for removal.

It was attached pretty securely, so I used the same method to remove it from the dome as I had used to remove the dome from its mold: filler spreaders.  I lightly hammered several of them between the painter's tape and the dome, and eventually the cowl mold popped off.

What a sticky, nasty mess it was.  The spray adhesive was still wet and slimy, which made peeling off the linoleum strips quite a slick chore.  I removed most of it, but there were bits that I couldn't get to.

Additionally, the linoleum didn't behave like the plumber's rubber I used for the dome indentations.  In the case of the red plumber's rubber, the inserts peeled off the gel-coat with the greatest of ease (I even had forgotten to use release agent on them).  With the linoleum, it started to separate from itself, leaving bits stuck to the gel-coat.  The rippling effect is very prominent, as well, but I'm not too concerned with that.  Once I made a cowl from this mold, I'll just sand that down before priming.

Also, I couldn't easily get to the bits of balsa wood I used for the top "lip" portion of the cowl.  They're stuck in there pretty tightly.  ChristmasDalek has generously offered to clean up the cowl with her set of specialized picks and knives, and I'm very grateful for that.  We met to have lunch recently, and I passed the mold onto her.

So that's all the news that's fit to print at the moment.